Digital personality is a model of merging artificial intelligence technologies within a hybrid paradigm to achieve complex goals

Digital immortality is possible for each of us! ViRperson project presentation 2022

Broadcast recording from December 15, 2021.
Digital Immortality. Yes, corporations are already building a digital footprint every one of us. But if you look from the other side, then on the basis of a digital footprint, you can recreate a person's personality. In our opinion, a person consists of personal memory, or experience — everything that a person has lived, and patterns of his behavior. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems today have sufficient mathematical apparatus and computing power to process knowledge and build models — conditions have been created to collect information about people and bring them back to life. While digital. How are we going to do it? What can a digital twin be used for?

The ViRperson project creates digital copies of the personalities for everyone. After digitizing, it will be possible to communicate to each person as to a living man using a chat or voice interface

personality Architecture 

General digital personality architecture

Цифровая личность. Архитектура. VIRperson2020

In our solution we use artificial intelligence technologies - deep learning, natural language processing methods, associative-hierarchical memory, ontologies and knowledge-based systems

A user accesses to a digital personality using text or voice. A corresponding interface receives a user's appeal and sends it to two analyzers - language and emotional.

linguisticanalyzer recognizes the meaning of a user's statement and sends it to the decision module.

Emotions analyzer recognizes the emotional load of the user's statement and also sends this information to the decision module.

The decision module receives the necessary data from the general knowledge base and from the personal memory of the digital entity, updating the information in them as necessary.

Based on the received user request and information from the knowledge base and personal memory, the decision module prepares the necessary information to generate a response and sends it to the response generator.

The response generator creates a response in natural language, sending it to the chat bot, the voice generator and the digital personality image generator.

The chat bot outputs the generated response in the form of text, the voice generator reproduces it, the image generator simultaneously gives a visualization to the communication process.

The cycle is repeated.

pLATFORM Architecture 

General digital platform architecture

The winner of the competition in the «Start AI» program

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